Installing Virtualbox on Ubuntu
First Published: 16 July 2017

Having a local virtual machine system is extremly beneficial to working effectively locally. The following is a tutorial on getting Virtualbox installed and running locally on an Ubuntu workstation. If you are using a different Operating System then Virtualbox provide documentation. The following has been automated and is available as an Ansible role in Pajuna. Overview Download the Oracle public key for apt-secure You should get a fingerprint the same as I do below but confirm this on the Virtualbox site Install the Oracle public key for apt-secure Install the Oracle public apt repo for Virtualbox Create a new file /etc/apt/sources. ... Read More

Creating a bosh release
First Published: 16 July 2017

A tutorial on creating a bosh release from scratch. This tutorial assumes you have: the latest bosh cli (non-ruby one) and it is available in your PATH. Have Virtualbox 5.1 installed and ready Overview Create a project Create a package Create a job Create and Upload a release Create a manifest Deploy Create a project bosh init-release --git --dir=simple-http-server-boshrelease cd simple-http-server-boshrelease Create a job bosh generate-job simple-http-server Create jobs/simple-http-server/templates/ctl. ... Read More