Deploying a concourse

Concourse Overview

  • download some artifacts
  • update the director’s cloud config
  • upload a stemcell
  • upload latest concourse release
  • upload latest garden-runc release
  • deploy Concourse
  • install fly
  • set fly alias
  • login to Concourse

Concourse Instructions

wget --output-document=artifacts/bosh-warden-boshlite-ubuntu-trusty-go_agent.tar.gz
wget --output-document=artifacts/concourse.tar.gz
wget --output-document=artifacts/garden-runc-release.tar.gz

bosh -e vbox update-cloud-config cloud-config.yml
bosh -e vbox upload-stemcell artifacts/bosh-warden-boshlite-ubuntu-trusty-go_agent.tar.gz
bosh -e vbox upload-release --name=concourse artifacts/concourse.tar.gz
bosh -e vbox upload-release --name=garden-runc artifacts/garden-runc-release.tar.gz
bosh -e vbox -d concourse deploy concourseci/manifest.yml