Deploying a local bosh director

This step in the tutorial is where we bootstrap a bosh director in a local virtualbox VM.
At this early stage in the tutorial we use the included boshdev helper script and skip over the individual commands required.

boshdev - a vagrant like workflow

For convenience there is a simple bash script boshdev included in aussielunix/bosh-dev-env to give you a vagrant like workflow.

lunix@adaptaur]  (master) -> boshdev
Usage: boshdev {ssh|pause|resume|up|destroy|status}



git clone ~/src/bosh-deployment
git clone ~/workspace/bosh/bosh-dev-env
cd ~/workspace/bosh/bosh-dev-env
# tune .envrc (optional)
# tune vbox/vbox.yml (optional)
# tune vbox/settings.yml (optional)
direnv allow #(optional)
boshdev up

You should now have a working bosh director running locally in Virtualbox.

boshdev status
bosh -e vbox environment

Next we deploy ConcourseCI.